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[DISCLAIMER: I am not a sci-fi geek/nerd/whatever the term of choice is. I apologize if I offend any true fans of any of the series I reference. Just put on your blinders and ignore any fallacies that are sure to be present in this weird, weird post.]

In a galaxy far away, something is fascinating. Through the magic of wibbly wobbly timey wimey and the blatant mixing of sci-fi references, our hot dog protagonist is… to put it frankfurterly, dead. We’ll pretend the Old Man was a Vulcan who death pinched the hot dog protagonist.  You should forget this ever happened. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. *whips out flashy lighty thingy* *puts on shades* Stare into the light. *blink*

Would hot dogs even exist in the far future? Let’s assume so, for sake of plotline.

We visit the descendant of our original processed-meat protagonist in the fridge of the Eagle 5 (the space Winnebago piloted by Lone Starr and Barf in Spaceballs). Joe MXII had a peaceful life thus far among his brethren in the future-plastic packaging (disintegrates as soon as you’re done with it! Super eco-friendly! Might release toxic chemicals into the air! TOTALLY SAFE GUYS!) until the day of the Beaming.

Somewhere on a planet in need….

Captain. Kerk: Beam me up, Scooter.

Scooter: Aye, Captain.

*whooshing beamy swirly noises*

Scooter: Captain? You appear to be a package of… hot dogs *DRAMATIC MUSIC*

Spork: Fas… interesting.

Until next time….

The CRT Is Dead

It has finally happened. Our old JVC tube TV from however long ago died. Since CRT televisions can’t be bought anymore (at least new), it’s time for the upgrade.

My nuclear family has had a history with the CRT. A long long time ago, before Babby Gecko was around, my parent’s first TV was handed down from my dad’s parents — it was the TV he grew up with, if that gives you any info. When that finally died, the next TV in the line was found in the apartment dumpster because hey, free TV. That one flatlined at some point, and our house’s trash didn’t offer anything useful (because houses are not communal, that would be weird), so it was time to actually shop for a TV. This was around the beginning of the era of the flat-screen, though they costed like $12,000 for the newfangled technology. That TV lasted through the first move but didn’t make it through the second because we gave it away to a guy that worked on our house or something. So that leads us to the TV in mention today. It was left by the previous owners of the current house, which we gladly took, because hey, free TV.

I guess it was time to get with the program and get a fancy TV with all these dongly things and features.

Wow, seven minutes ago was my blogaversary… happy Nth blogaversary, I don’t even know at this point :o

Ha. Actually, I just kinda forgot I had a corner of the multi-faceted internet. What would a corner of the internet look like? I mean, the internet obviously isn’t a square, as a square only has four corners. If we consider every major domain of the internet… well… the internet starts to look like a circle with roughly 630 million “corners.” So my corner of the internet has an angle of about 179.999999 degrees (from the formula for interior angle of a polygon of n-sides). What would this almost-circle internet look like if we made it IRL? Well, let’s make each side an inch long. So the perimeter is about 9,943 miles long, dividing by \pi means a diameter of about 3165 miles. Roughly.

Wow. I am a math nerd. I just totally got sidetracked by trying to calculate how big a shape made so that each corner is a website on the internet would be. Blerg. Anyways… this is a updatey sort of thing if you could call it that. I am alive. I haven’t completely forgotten about this website. I’m nearly done with Calculus III, so yeah… I actually feel sentimental about my mathematical journey… even more proof that I am a math geek, but you already knew that. Line integrals yeah!

I have no idea if I’ll be keeping this blog alive. If so, yay future me! If not, whatever. What has it been, three, four years of this blog? I don’t even know.


Well, the computer situation is still messed up, but I’ve started school.  Time to slog through another semester, I guess.  The first day went well, albeit stressful.  Finding classrooms, getting to know new teachers, etc.

I start off the day with a few hours of Calculus 2, very similar to last semester, where I had Calc 1 at the same time and in the same room and with the same teacher.  Only about half of the class were those I knew from last semester, those that had taken the same class in the fall.  90 problems of Calc homework due by Sunday, yay.  Then there’s English Composition — what fun.  The teacher warned us of a writing assessment beforehand via email, but I completely missed the attached essay we were supposed to write about and ended up listening to the teacher read the essay aloud for all of those who derped like me.  So I spent that period composing an ugly essay about an essay.  And if you don’t know me, I don’t like the other side of Academia — the touchy-feely side, the English and Arts side.  Give me back my Chemistry, please.  Anyways, my last class is Economics, which has the most elaborate classroom of the three.  A smart board, webcams and mics for live broadcasts, speakers for us to hear those who join the live broadcasts, it’s pretty decked out.  And it’s all recorded, so if I ever want to watch a lecture again, I can.  Overwhelming at first, but I’ll get used to it.

So that’s my spring 2013 semester in a nutshell.  Back to the grind of homework and lectures.

Things have been a little hectic around Gecko Labs, as we got a new computer to act as a server.  It’s not set up completely yet.  Basically, what that means is that I can’t access my files or do much of anything.  Right now, I’m working on my computer’s local admin account, which is all weird and default Windows 7.  Add in my parent’s computer getting upgraded to Win7, and stuff gets cray (WOAH IT’S A SLANG WORD!!11!!!1!).  Quick update, I’ll leave you with a cipher to puzzle over.

Tell me how I encoded the phrase “do the computer shuffle” to get to “fp yjr vp,iyrt djigg;e”

Hint Words (highlight): Right.  Board.

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